Mesotherapy, formed by combining the words "meso", which means middle in Latin, and "therapy", which means treatment, and whose exact equivalent is "middle skin treatment", is a method in which a suitable substance is injected into the subcutaneous tissue at a shallow depth with short and thin needles. Although the word therapy is used, what is meant here is not the treatment of a disease, but the injection of a substance into the skin. Thus, it is an application that provides maximum benefit in areas where efficiency cannot be obtained from conventional applications that can be called traditional on the skin surface.

There is a fact that everyone knows; Although it varies from person to person, wrinkles and sagging occur in our skin with aging. Especially if you have dry skin, this process can accelerate. This is where mesotherapy comes into play, and the purpose of mesotherapy application comes to the fore as facial rejuvenation and lifting the face.

The mesotherapy method allows you to get rid of the following problems quickly and permanently:

* Age-related wrinkles

* Under eye bags

* Numbness, swelling in the skin

* Acne

* Age spots

* Spider-like veins

* Cellulite and cracks in the skin

* Hair loss and dandruff problem...

Benefits that can be seen after mesotherapy

* Skin problems due to aging etc. reasons disappear, creating a cosmetically young appearance, the skin tightens and gains a healthy color.

* Inflammation, acne disappears;

* Problems in oily skin disappear and pores narrow.

* While major wrinkles decrease significantly, minor wrinkles disappear completely...

How is mesotherapy done?

* Mesotherapy is performed by specialists using injections with ultra-thin needles that can be called special needles.

* Without injections, meso cocktails are applied by penetrating under the skin using special devices.