Lichen Planus is an inflammatory disease of the skin and mucous membranes of unknown cause but with a strong immunopathogenetic aspect. It develops popularly as an itchy ring with a flat lilac-colored top and may have a white lace-like surface on it. Papules may be few or many.

Lichen planus on tongue

A white mesh is seen in the oral mucosa in 30% of patients, and the lesions can also be seen in the genital area.

There are micropapular and hypertrophic forms. Sometimes scalp involvement causes alopecia. It can be kept on nails.

Histologically, there is damage to the basal layer of the epidermis. Significant lymphocyte and histiocyte deposition are seen in the form of strings in bolts and subepidermistebands. It is thought to be an autoimmune disease.

Treatment with topical corticosteroids may help prevent itching, but the disease may resolve spontaneously.

Lichen Planus is a type of skin disease. It is assumed that the occurrence of the disease is psychological, and no definite cause has been found. It is frequently seen in the inner skin of the human body (in the mouth, nose, throat and esophagus), around the genitals in men and women, on the arms and legs. The disease also brings with it liver disorders. It is known that female patients are more common than male patients, and 30-50 years of age are the ages when the most complaints are seen.

Lichen Planus, which starts with itching on the skin, swells as it progresses, and then turns into purple spots, is white in color and is small and numerous in the mouth. Only complaints of excessive itching come from the sick person. Apart from itching, no other problems are seen at the beginning of the disease. In Lichen Planus, which develops on the legs and arms, the color of the spots can be brown or black.

For treatment to take place, a diagnosis must be made. In general, doctors make the diagnosis immediately with their observations. If there are different situations, a sample is taken from the stain and examined under the microscope.

This disease, which becomes serious in the mouth, can cause cancer in some cases.